Just saw ...

... Ben McKenzie on TV and surprisingly not on the OC. VIVA, a Germany based competitor to MTV's music channels is repeating some music concert interwoven with a couple of awards presentations. Looks like Ben won the golden Otto for the best male TV star 2007 - a very pointless award and an even less believeable competition because all other nominees were local c-grade actors at best.

He was so cute to watch ... too bad he sounded like a major airhead :(

Ouch, on all sides

It was only today that I was able to watch this week's Criminal Minds episode and after last week's shocks it began equally frightening. If you think about the fact that I kept watching this show mainly for characters like Gideon and Hotch and then it looks like both of them (and more, in form of Prentiss) are leaving, there's little joy in keeping up with CM.
'In Birth and Death' (episode 2 title) was both surprising, calming and perplexing. I'm so glad that while Mandy Patinkin will probably never appear on this show again, they didn't kill him off like it was suggested last week. If that had happened last season, maybe he would've been able to starr in the Dead Like Me movie that is presently being filmed. Throughout this episode I also feared for Hotch and Prentiss who are back with the BAU - at least now I can keep watching with a lighter heart ;) Meredith Monroe was a lovely sight to behold in this episode as well, it looked like trouble in the family though - dialing the home phone, hanging up without speaking when the husband answers and then using the mobile number of the wife is classic behavior for an affair.

Eureka has finished its second season as well and while this latest episode was good enough, the season left me a bit disappointed. For a show this family friendly I would've liked to have seen more interpersonal relationships. The only real one was Jo Lupo & her new boytoy with a criminal past. There was much hinting done between Allison and Nathan, his last words fit somewhat into that trend but came out of the blue in its clarity. Carter was very charming in all episodes and there's nothing I would've asked to be done better on his part but his daughter Zoe and his best friend Henry were two characters that didn't get enough recognition. Good news is that alreads a third season has been approved and another batch of 13 episodes will be aired in summer 2008.
So, what might happen in season three: Beverley was able to flee from her captors and despite her whole 'not ready for the knowledge of the whole universe' bit she was just some bitch devoid of morality we still don't know everything about. Henry was not only the cause for her escape but also faked a quarantine of the whole GD building. I wonder what's happening to him? On a personal note: maybe the laundry lady will be back again for Carter, else he'll be single again throughout the whole season.

I have tried to start watching Private Practice but couldn't enjoy the first episode one tiny bit. Maybe that's not so bad because there are other shows on my list and I certainly don't have time for everything ;) Pushing Daisies, Reaper, Gossip Girl, Journeyman, Dirty Sexy Money and maybe Bionic Woman are on my list of new shows to watch this year. My gut tells me that two out of five shows will be dropped before the season's end anyway.

Time sure has been flying ... (Eureka)

I still remember the middle of summer when I've been impatiently waiting for Eureka to finally air its second season. Now we're almost finished for this year and I haven't said a single thing about it at all. That just can't be :D

There have been many changes in this second year, some of those were lovely and others were comically funny. To be honest though, very little of what I expected or would've liked has happened. We got to see Zoe's mother for a very short time in little more than a brief guest star stint. First she comes to Eureka and quite possibly destroys anything that might have started between Jack and Allison and then she just up and disappears. I'm also missing Zoe because what little screen time she had was too cliché'd in a single-dad-raises-teenage-daughter way.

What prompted this entry was probably this week's episode "Maneater". Jack touches some kind of old powder in the sewer which prompts his body to mass-produce hormons that make him irresistible. Joe kisses him, Allison has a catfight with guest star Lexa Doig (which is all kinds of cute by the way) and there's always the interjected humor with Nathan Stark and Fargo. Maneater was probably the best episode yet and we're almost finished with this season :(

Gossip Girl

It's definitely not another OC. That's likely to be a disappointment to me as to others who were attracted in the first place because of Josh Schwartz writing for it. But on the other hand, there is potential that would make Gossip Girl into an interesting if not unique story. I totally loved Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle) who will have some lovely opportunities on screen. Not only is he a father to Dan and Jenny but there were some strong implications of his past (and likely future) love connection with Lily van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford) who herself is some poor Julie Cooper ersatz. The one thing GG (and that's not Gilmore Girls ;) ) has done right is casting a good male "villain" figure. Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass comes across as this smarmy and soulless creep who works better than a dozen Harbor students of the likes of Luke.

I think it's telling that in order to write all those names I had to use the website - because those names didn't stick. Nevertheless I'll keep watching and you should too if you can find joy in this Cruel Intentions like show without the extra je ne sais quoi.

Californication ...

... is such a dirty little show and after so much prudish US-american television I wasn't prepared for that in the least! I'm so beyond glad to see David Duchovny on my TV screen again because it's been too many years since the X-Files. Yay, for that at least ;)

Californication so far is a dangerous mix of rememberable actors like David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone (Ronin, anyone?), Madeline Zima (she was this cute little spitfire in the Nanny series) and undisguised glimpses into the lives of Hank, Karen and their daughter Becca. I've never seen so many one night stands (and graphical ones at that) in one short episode of a clean 30 minutes, I've seldomly heard such crude expressions ("There's no hair on the vagina, do you think she's okay?" out of the mouth of a twelve year old) and I definitely never saw a tv show where the lead character is such a fuck up and you still can't help to like him ... because his motives or rather wishes and desires are ... pure. Well, maybe those feelings are remnants from my David Duchovny crush back in the 90's :D

Like a few others, this late "summer" show (there are only twelve episodes mentioned as far as I know) will most likely not draw any reasonable attention but it is a dark adult comedy that has me hooked, for the moment.

Dead Like Me ... is alive?!

No kidding!

I just read some entertainment news and my eyes almost popped out. It's certainly not news that part of the old cast is currently shooting a Dead Like Me movie which is sadly planned as a DTV. The even more astonishing news however are that depending on the success of said movie, the show itself might be back on our television screens. At least lead actress Ellen Muth revealed this news tidbit on her myspace site.

Wow, I can't imagine a continuation of the series after three years of a time out. I'm also going to miss Rube because he's always been a large part of what attracted me to the show in the first place but then again, his role as Jason Gideon in Criminal Minds is amazing too. Ah, if only he could clone himself :D

Another one bites the dust

It's over. Hidden Palms, that is. There's a surprisingly long list of things I've learned from watching this show, hopeless as its survival had been from the start.

1) Tessa Thompson (who played the lovely and troubled Nikki) was no surprise to me, because I already knew her from her stint in Veronica Mars. Her acting however satisfied me the most and I'll definitely be on the lookout for her in the future. IMDB tells me to wait for 2008 which is a long time, but maybe we'll get to see her in another CW show, there seems to be a trend going on ;)

2) However cliché'd Leslie Jordan's transvestite character may have been, it SO did not fit into the general rich-and-beautiful community of Palms Springs - which made me like him even more. His mentor and almost father-like role was a welcome distraction from a largely disfunctional adult body wherever you looked.

3) I went into the show with my mind set on Taylor Handley who blew me away with his Oliver character on the OC but after having seen all eight episodes it was Michael Cassidy (Zach from the OC) who stole the show. He was the bad guy, sort of, and definitely mysterious which he played amazingly well. There should be more work for him, because I'd love to see him again in a convincing role - and he plays the wild guy without many inhibitions better than any tame Zach Stevens character.

4) 1 Million viewers for the last episode is awful .. and even the CW or HP didn't deserve such ratings. It looks like just another nail in the coffin of many and while there is no official word yet about a cancellation, we don't have to kid each other that we have seen the last of HP on the CW.

5) Kevin Williamson seems to be stuck back in the 90's where he had his big successes with Dawson's Creek and screenplays like Scream. What he didn't take from his own creations, he most likely stole from products that went out of fashion themselves recently. What's left was an enjoyable show called Hidden Palms that is in no way unique and has too many rough edges to have ever been more than a filler in a less desireable summer time schedule. Kevin should leave behind his characterizations and plot ideas and create something that fits in the year 2007 - some hot and scantily dressed boys and girls did very little for the ratings, obviously.

6) I had hoped to be distracted for a few weeks until Eureka came back for a second season .. and it mostly worked! Only four more days to wait for the second season premiere ... and I can hardly wait :D

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence

I've never had one and truthfully never thought I'd need one, a complete list of my music, that is. And if I'm completely honest with you, this list still isn't complete by far because some stuff isn't even ripped and on my computer yet and other stuff goes on my iPod to never be seen again ;) Those are mostly single songs because when I'm on my way to/from work time is too short to listen to full albums. Are you as meticulous as me about listening to albums from start to finish without skipping over tracks? I often like less popular tracks but my main reason is that singles are mostly chosen for the wrong reasons and don't describe/paint the group/musician in the right light.

And despite all my laziness in ripping cd's, my tangible collection has grown .. 15,344 pieces of music that amount to a total of 44 days 6 hours 28 minutes and 34 seconds play time that take up a shitload of 105gb disk space. Well, enough about details, I've begun using the Helium Music Manager 2007 to manage this music and aside from a few (hundred) crashes and some more curses caused by intricate handling it all went fine, seriously!

Anyway, here's the list, but beware of opening those links on slow internet connections, they're 3mb each (pictures not included). I didn't do this just to bore myself, so if you find something of value that you actually like - then drop me a line and I'll try to arrange an upload :)

Albums list 1 to G
Albums list G to S
Albums list S to Z

(no subject)

Ah, don't you just love a little bit of drama, suspense and mystery? Well, that and the music are probably the only things why I still watch Hidden Palms despite its numerous flaws. It's no wonder actually that tv dot com visitor ratings - that weren't high to begin with - are constantly declining.

After a - now compared to episodes two and three - rather strong beginning this show isn't up to what I had expected from it. I still love all the actors and one person I forgot to mention last time was Gail O'Grady who some of you know from her latest guest appearance as Judge Gloria somethingorother on Boston Legal. Some years earlier she was apparently a series regular on NYPD Blue.

Only last week my thoughts were filled with the nowadays unusual question as to who was responsible for some awful camera work. Because lets be honest, there were so many close ups that didn't fit into the scenes and completely destroyed the mood. At least this week we get another piece of the mystery which only draws us further into the story. What about Liza, the quiet and self conscious chem geek from across the road - will she play a bigger part or is she just the catalyst for this unraveling mystery?

I certainly must be bored, because it's almost 6 am here and I'm ranting about a TV show that won't picked up for a second season anyway. On a more pleasant note, in less than a month we get to see Jack and Zoe Carter again :)